Deltran Battery Tender 15-Watt Solar Panel With Built-In Controller

Check Deltran Battery Tender 15-Watt Solar Panel With Built-In Controller' range of prices, dimensions, sizes, voltage output, specifications data-sheets. Deltran Battery Tender 15-Watt Solar Panel With Built-In Controller are designed to be portable and they are usually paired with a battery.

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Outdoor enthusiasts know that having a reliable power source for your devices and equipment is crucial when adventuring off-grid. Whether you’re camping in your RV, fishing on your boat, or riding your motorcycle through backcountry trails, keeping batteries charged can be a challenge without access to electrical outlets.

That’s where the Deltran Battery Tender 15-Watt Solar Panel comes in. This portable solar panel provides a convenient way to harness the power of the sun to charge 12V batteries in remote locations.

Overview of the Key Features

The Deltran 15W solar panel packs an impressive set of features into its compact, lightweight design:

  • 15 watts of charging power from highly efficient monocrystalline solar cells
  • built-in 3-step charging controller prevents overcharging and damage
  • Convenient carrying handle for easy transport
  • 12V DC output works with many battery types
  • 8-foot output cable and battery clamps for quick connection
  • LED indicators display charging status and faults
  • Rugged and waterproof construction for outdoor use

With these capabilities, the Deltran solar panel provides a versatile power solution for various applications.

Compatible Battery Types and Uses

The 12V DC output of the Deltran 15W solar panel makes it compatible with a wide range of rechargeable battery types and applications, including:

  • Marine/RV batteries: Keep your house or trolling motor batteries topped off while docked or camping off-grid
  • Motorcycle and ATV batteries: maintain optimal charge when riding or racing in remote areas
  • Car and truck batteries: prevent dead batteries if stored unused for long periods
  • Solar generators: recharge portable power stations for electronics and appliances

Its small footprint takes up minimal space to conveniently set up on your vehicle or structure to absorb the most sunlight throughout the day.

So whether you need to power interior lights in your RV, run electronics and fishfinders on your boat, or ensure you can always start your engine after an off-roading adventure, the Deltran solar panel has you covered.

How the Built-In Solar Controller Works

A key feature that makes the Deltran solar panel so useful is its integrated maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controller. This acts as the brains of the system, managing the power output to safely deliver optimal charging current tailored to your battery’s needs.

The MPPT controller works through a 3-stage charging process:

Bulk Charge Stage

This first stage delivers the full 15 watts of power from the solar panel into the battery. This rapidly charges the battery up to 80% of its capacity.

Absorption Charge Stage

The charging current is gradually reduced to avoid overheating and gassing the battery. This safely brings the battery to 100% capacity.

Float Charge Stage

The controller monitors battery voltage and trickle charges as needed to maintain a full charge. This prevents losing charge due to self-discharge.

These smart charging algorithms provide the fastest and safest method to charge your battery. By preventing overcharging, it protects your batteries from unnecessary wear and extends their lifespan.

Getting Set Up is Simple

With its integrated design and simple connections, setting up the Deltran solar panel takes just minutes.

  1. Place the panel in direct sunlight, facing south if in the northern hemisphere. Allow clear access to sunlight throughout the day.
  2. Connect the 8-foot output cables to your 12V battery terminals or charging ports, ensuring proper polarity.
  3. The LED indicators will light up, showing charging status and battery level over time.
  4. Let the panel charge your battery through sunlight each day. Check the LEDs to confirm your battery is fully charged.

With these quick steps, your batteries will stay charged to power your devices even in the most remote locations—free from the grid!

Rugged and Waterproof Solar Panel Construction

The Deltran solar panel is well-equipped for outdoor use and survival in tough environments.

  • rigid aluminum frame provides enhanced structure and impact resistance
  • sealed junction box protects charging connections from weather and moisture
  • durable PET plastic face is waterproof and withstands UV rays and surface scratches
  • Secure mounting holes/brackets for permanent installation

The rugged IP65-rated construction allows it to withstand rain, snow, dirt, and vibrations, delivering reliable charging performance for years of off-grid use. Pair it with a deep-cycle battery to create a complete standalone solar power system.

Pros of the Deltran 15W Solar Battery Charger

After reviewing the Deltran solar panel’s features and usage, what are the key advantages it provides to owners?

  • Convenient charging: top off your batteries automatically each day without any effort
  • Saves money: no need to run loud, gas-powered generators for charging
  • Eco-friendly: Produces clean, renewable electricity from the sun
  • Easy to transport: compact size and carrying handle facilitates portability
  • Smart controller: Safely delivers optimal charging current tailored for your battery
  • Durable for outdoor use: waterproof casing and aluminum frame built to last

For a moderately-sized solar panel under $100, it packs an impressive set of capabilities into one integrated unit.

What Customers Are Saying

With a 4+ star average rating from over 500 reviews, the Deltran 15W solar panel is a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts powering their off-grid adventures.

“This solar panel works great for keeping my trolling motor batteries charged while bass fishing all day on my small aluminum boat.”

“I keep it propped up on the dash of my RV to trickle charge the battery when dry camping for weeks in the Arizona desert.”

“It saves me when riding trails in the mountains for days without access to AC power. I just set it out to charge my motorcycle battery at camp.”

The consensus is that the Deltran panel provides reliable, maintenance-free charging, even in harsh conditions. It requires no direct sunlight or adjustments to absorb maximum wattage.

Many reviewers mention the 3-stage smart controller as a high point, providing them with peace of mind that overcharging hazards are eliminated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to fully charge a typical 12V battery?

A: Charge times vary based on battery capacity, age, and state of charge. For reference, the 15W panel can typically charge a 50Ah battery from 50% to 100% capacity within 8 hours in full direct sunlight.

Q: What size solar panel do I need to keep my battery topped off daily?

A: For float charging maintenance of batteries in long-term storage, choosing a solar panel with a 10-15W output capacity is typically sufficient. The Deltran 15W solar panel satisfies maintenance charging for many applications.

Q: What type of batteries should I avoid connecting the panel to?

The Deltran panel is designed for charging 12V lead-acid batteries, including sealed, gel, AGM, lithium, and deep cycle types. Do not connect to nickel or specialty battery chemicals without verifying compatibility.

Q: Can the built-in solar controller be replaced or upgraded?

A: No, the solar controller circuitry is integrated into the junction box and not designed to be user-replaceable. But it utilizes the latest charging technology to provide optimal battery regulation for most applications.

Start Charging Your Batteries Off-The-Grid

Being stranded with dead batteries is one of the most inconvenient and dangerous scenarios when boating, camping, or exploring off-road trails.

The Deltran Battery Tender 15-Watt Solar Panel provides essential peace of mind, delivering silent, renewable charging without any fuel requirements. Its smart controller and rugged housing offer capabilities far beyond its reasonable price point.

Ready to harness the free power of the sun? Pick up this top-rated solar panel on Solar Exporters to keep your batteries fully charged on your next adventure away from shore power. Your devices will thank you!

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