18v mono 100w flexible solar panel solar electric car solar energy systems off grid

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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: OLLIN
Model Number: OL-100-36M
Panel Efficiency: 100W
Certification: CE
Solar cell: MONO
Frame: Anodized Aluminium Alloy
Warranty: 25 Years Output Power Guarantee, 3months-1year
Application: Solar Power System
Connector: MC 4
OEM Order: Accaptable
Junction Box: IP67 Rated Waterproof
Voltage: 17.6V
Type: Flexible
Size: 1170*510*2.8MM
Certificate: CE

Product features:

You own the sun. Well, not exactly, but you do have the right to its power. Why not put it good use? With solar technology, you can harness the sun’s energy and turn your rooftop into a power plant.

  1. With advanced materials and equipment, our modules are designed and manufactured in consistency with the IEC 61215:1993 standards which can guarantee the excellent electrical performance and the product life of 25 years.High-transmittance low-iron tempered glass, anti-aging EVA, excellent weathering resistance TPT,
  2. High quality anodized aluminum frame is suitable for strong wind resistance and mountain terrain., beautiful appearance
  3. Wind resistance, pressure resistance, high conversion efficiency

unnamed file 269 - solar-panels

unnamed file 281 - solar-panels

unnamed file 282 - solar-panels


unnamed file 283 - solar-panels

Power Vmp Voc Imp Isc Size(mm) Weight(kg)
20W 18V 22V 1.11A 1.17A 400*340*2.8   0.5
30W 18V 22V 1.66A 1.75A 560*340*2.8   0.65
45W 18V 22V 2.50A 2.62A 785*340*2.8   0.95
60W 18V 22V 3.33A 3.51A 690*510*2.8   1.25
90W 18V 22V 5.00A 5.25A 1000*510*2.8   1.77
100W 18V 22V 5.55A 5.83A 1170*510*2.8   1.95
120W 18V 22V 6.66A 6.99A 1020*670*2.8   2.2
180W 18V 22V 10.0A 10.5A 1470*670*2.8   3.3

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