180wp monocrystalline solar panel/ solar pv panel 180wp

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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: OLLIN
Model Number: OL-180-36M
Type: PERC
Panel Dimensions: 1480*680*35mm
Panel Efficiency: 180w
Certificate: ce
Warranty: 2year
certification: CE ROHS ISO
frame: aluminium frame
poly or mono: monocrystalline
cell color: black
cell array: 4*9
junction box: junction box with M C4 connector
voltage: Vmp:36V,for 18V battery charging
main market: Asia EU Africa

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Module Type OLPV150W OLPV160W OLPV170W OLPV180W OLPV190W
Size 1480*680*35mm
Maximum power 150 W 160 W 170 W 180 W 190 W
Max power voltage 17.90 V 18.10 V 17.40 V 16.90 V 16.90 V
Max power current 8.38 A 8.84 A 9.44 A 9.96 A 11.16 A
Open circuit voltage 21.90 V 22.10 V 22.10 V 22.30 V 22.30 V
Short circuit current 9.01 A 9.53 A 10.13 A 10.74 A 11.84 A
Module Efficiency 16.15% 17.16% 19.67% 21.16% 22.67%
Power Tolerance -0~+5W -0~+5W -0~+5W -0~+5W -0~+5W
Standard Test Conditions (STC): Irradiance 1000W/m2, Module temperature 25℃? Air Mass (AM)=1.5
Nominal Operating Cell Temperatur   45 ± 2℃
Temperature coefficients of Isc  +0.049% /℃
Temperature coefficients of Voc  -0.340% /℃
Temperature coefficients of Pmax     -0.430% /℃
Solar Cell Poly solar cells  156×156 mm
Front Cover 3.2 mm thick, tempered glass
Back Cover TPT (Tedlar-PET-Tedlar)
Encapsulant EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)
Frame Double-layer anodized aluminium alloy
Junction Box IP65 rated
Maximum System Voltage DC1000V (IEC)
Maximum Series Fuse 15 A
Operating Temperature  -40℃~+85℃
Storage Temperature  -40℃~+85℃
Max. Wind Load / Max. Snow Load 2400Pa / 5400Pa
Application Class Class A
Packing configuration Carton.Customers packing requirement is acceptable.

unnamed file 244 - solar-panels

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