What is the Cost of an 80 KW Solar System?

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Solar power is becoming an increasingly popular way for homes and businesses to reduce electricity costs and their carbon footprint. Solar Exporters, a professional solar module manufacturer with over 12 years of experience, specializes in providing quality solar solutions including complete 80 KW solar systems. But what exactly does an 80 KW solar system entail and how much does it cost? This article provides a comprehensive overview.

What is an 80 KW Solar System?

An 80 KW solar system has a generation capacity of 80 kilowatts. This means under ideal conditions, the solar panels in the system can produce up to 80 KW of electricity at a given time. Over the course of a year, an optimally-designed 80 KW system in the U.S. can generate approximately 100,000 kWh of electricity.

To put this capacity into perspective, the average American household consumes about 10,000 kWh per year. So an 80 KW solar system could potentially power up to 8 households.

For commercial properties like factories, an 80 KW solar system provides a clean, renewable way to significantly offset electric utility bills. Properly matched to electric load, it can reduce grid dependence and provide electricity bill savings.

What Components Make Up an 80 KW Solar System?

An 80 KW solar system is made up of the following core equipment:

  • Solar panels – The photovoltaic panels are the heart of the system, responsible for converting sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. Approximately 240-320 standard 280W panels would be needed for an 80 KW system.
  • Inverters – Inverters convert the DC output from the solar panels into alternating current (AC) used to power lights, appliances and electronics. Multiple inverters are included to optimize system production.
  • Racking – Aluminum and steel racking mounts and angles to securely fasten panels to the roof or ground. Racking must withstand wind, snow loads and more.
  • Balance of system – The balance of system refers to other components like disconnect switches, combiners, conduit and wiring needed to complete the solar installation.

Proper design, permitting, installation and activation are also key elements of an 80 KW solar power system. Solar Exporters provides turnkey support throughout the process.

What Factors Impact the Cost of an 80 KW Solar System?

Installing an 80 KW solar system represents a significant investment for any home or business. The total project cost is impacted by these key factors:

  • Equipment costs – The solar panels, inverters, racking and other BOS account for 35-45% of total expenses. Equipment pricing is impacted by brands used, supply/demand dynamics and import tariffs.
  • Soft costs – Soft costs like system design, permitting, installation labor and financing costs account for 55-65% of overall spending. These can vary based on location and installer experience.
  • Site considerations – The underlying roofing or ground, electric infrastructure and interconnection details also affect cost. Difficult sites drive expenses higher through added labor, materials and complexity.

Solar Exporters leverages over a decade of solar expertise to optimize system design and streamline installation costs for clients.

What is the Total Price of an 80 KW Solar System?

On average, an 80 KW solar system costs between $100,000 and $140,000 before incentives. This calculates to around $1.25-1.75 per Watt of solar capacity.

However, prices ultimately come down to the specifics of each project. Simple rooftop installations on commercial buildings can potentially be on the lower end, while challenging ground mounts or installs with electric upgrades push costs higher.

Solar Exporters provides custom solar quotes tailored to each client’s property, electric usage and goals. Their experts analyze all parameters to determine the optimal system design and accurate pricing.

How Long is the Payback Period on an 80 KW Solar System?

The payback period refers to the length of time it takes for the solar system to pay for itself through energy savings. For an 80 KW solar installation, businesses typically see payback in 4-8 years.

However, solar incentives like the ITC can shave years off the payback period. Net metering and SRECs also help offset expenditures through compensation for unused solar power sent back to the grid.

With high electric rates across many commercial sectors, an 80 KW solar system investment can deliver over $600,000 in cumulative savings over 25 years.

Solar Exporters assists clients in modeling financial returns based on their commercial facility, electric profile, incentives and more.

Why Choose Solar Exporters for Your 80 KW Solar Power System?

Solar Exporters is an established solar module manufacturer and installer with over 12 years of experience delivering complex commercial solar projects. Their expertise across the entire solar supply chain provides clients with these advantages:

  • Direct pricing – By manufacturing panels and equipment in-house, Solar Exporters offers very competitive system pricing to buyers.
  • Quality assurance – Rigorous quality control throughout the manufacturing process ensures high-performance, durable system components designed to last.
  • Full-service support – From permitting through long-term maintenance, Solar Exporters oversees the entire solar integration journey.
  • Ongoing monitoring – Clients gain access to a monitoring platform providing real-time solar production data and system insights.

Trust Solar Exporters to help make the switch to solar smooth, affordable and hassle-free. Contact their solar pros today for a customized 80 KW system quote or analysis of your commercial property. Investing in solar has never made more financial sense.

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