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As energy costs continue to rise, more homeowners and businesses are looking to solar power as an affordable and sustainable solution. 7000 watt solar panel systems provide a robust way to slash electricity bills while reducing your carbon footprint. Solar Exporters, a professional solar module manufacturer with over 12 years of experience, offers high-quality 7000 watt systems to meet the needs of large residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

Overview of 7000 Watt Solar Panel Systems

7000 watt solar systems generate a significant amount of electricity through an array of top-tier solar panels. With a 7000 watt solar array containing approximately 28 high-efficiency 280 watt panels, you can produce 7000 watts (7 kilowatts) of electricity when the sun is shining at peak levels. This is enough to fully power large households or small commercial operations.

These large solar panel systems are designed to be grid-tied, meaning they sync with the existing electrical grid. They directly supply your home or business when the solar panels are actively producing energy. If electricity demands exceed the solar array’s output, power is simply drawn from the electric grid to fill gaps. And when your panels produce more electricity than needed, the surplus energy goes back into the grid through net metering programs.

Solar Exporters custom-tailors each 7000 watt system to fit the unique energy profile of each customer. An onsite evaluation and load calculation are performed to determine the specifics of your solar panel setup, such as the ideal number of panels, inverter sizing, and mounting mechanisms. This ensures your system is correctly sized to offset your electrical usage.

Benefits of Installing a 7000 Watt Solar Panel System

Upgrading to a high-capacity 7000 watt solar array provides many valuable benefits, including:

Major Electricity Bill Savings
A 7000 watt solar system can slash 70% or more off your monthly power bills. Solar panels produce free renewable energy from the sun once installed, reducing grid dependence. The system pays for itself within 4-7 years.

Significant Carbon Footprint Reduction
Solar power emits zero greenhouse gases or other pollutants. A 7000 watt solar array prevents nearly 12 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Enhanced Property Value Going solar adds long-term value to any residential or commercial property. Appraisers factor your reduced electric bills into property value.

Backup Power Supply Many 7000 watt solar systems integrate battery storage. Stored solar energy kicks in automatically during grid outages to keep essential appliances running.

Tax Credits, Incentives & Rebates Federal, state, and local solar incentives can cut costs by up to 30%. This includes the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit through 2032.

Minimal Maintenance Solar panels come with 20-25 year manufacturer performance guarantees. They have no moving parts and require almost no maintenance over decades of use.

With $0 down financing and incentives, Solar Exporters makes the switch fast, affordable and hassle-free. Their American-made solar products withstand extreme weather conditions. You can rely on quality components and professional installations for maximum solar production.

How Do 7000 Watt Solar Panel Systems Work?

7000 watt solar systems utilize the power of photovoltaic panel arrays to silently convert sunlight into usable AC electricity. Here’s an overview of how the technology works:

1. Solar Energy Conversion

Solar panels contain photovoltaic cells made from silicon. When sunlight strikes these cells, the absorbed photons knock electrons loose, creating an electric field across the panels. The flow of liberated electrons produces a DC electric current.

2. Inversion from DC to AC Power

The DC power generated by solar panels passes through an inverter. This device transforms the current into standard 240-volt AC electricity used to run home appliances and office equipment.

3. Distribution Through Breaker Box

The AC current travels from the inverter to your main breaker box. This distributes solar-generated electricity throughout your property to power lights, outlets, HVAC systems and more, just like your electric company.

4. Net Metering with the Electric Grid

When your solar panels produce more energy than you use, the surplus gets fed back into the grid. Your utility company pays you for this excess production through net metering credits, which appear on your monthly statements.

This seamless integration with the grid provides reliable access to electricity around the clock. Solar energy gets used first during daylight hours while supplemental power draws from the grid as needed overnight.

What Are the Components of a 7000 Watt System?

Solar Exporters uses tier-one components to construct durable, high-efficiency 7000 watt solar panel systems. Key elements include:

Solar Panels
280-watt monocrystalline or polycrystalline PV panels convert sunlight into electric current. About 28 panels are needed to achieve 7000 watts.

Racking Aluminum or galvanized steel racks securely mount panels at the proper angle on rooftops or ground mounts.

Inverter A 7-8kW string inverter transforms DC current from the panels into 240V AC power for your building.

Electrical Box A new breaker box manages the solar power distribution through dedicated circuits.

Meter A bi-directional net meter tracks energy usage, measuring imports from and exports to the grid.

Batteries (Optional)
Battery banks store excess solar energy for use when the panels aren’t actively generating power.

Monitoring Software Track real-time solar production and usage data through online dashboards and mobile apps.

As one of the most reputable solar manufacturers in China, Solar Exporters incorporates premium components into every 7000 watt solar system they install. Their all-inclusive packages and experienced team handle all permitting, rebates, grid connections and monitoring setup. Ongoing service plans are also available.

Why Choose Solar Exporters for Your 7000 Watt Solar Panel System?

Industry-Leading Quality Products

With strict quality control standards and over a decade of solar experience, Solar Exporters offers best-in-class components to maximize energy production.

Custom System Design and Sizing

Each 7000 watt solar system is tailored to your unique home or business through onsite evaluations and load calculations.

Professional Installation Services

Certified solar technicians handle installations, electrical connections, and all necessary permitting paperwork.

Expert Customer Service

Friendly solar experts provide guidance in choosing the right system size and features to meet your budget and needs.

Manufacturer Direct Pricing

As an established solar panel manufacturer, Solar Exporters offers exclusive pricing not available through third parties.

Investing in solar through Solar Exporters helps the environment while providing decades of free renewable energy. With flexible financing options and solar incentives, now is the perfect time to make the switch!

Get started today by requesting a free solar quote for your high-capacity 7000 watt system. Their team is ready to answer questions and help you join the solar movement.

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