Cost Breakdown for a 50 kW Solar PV System

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Solar Exporters is a leading solar panel manufacturer with over 12 years of experience in production and quality control since 2010. As a professional solar module manufacturer, we provide high-quality solar products at competitive prices.

Installing a 50 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system is a significant investment that can pay dividends in energy savings over time. But what is the true cost of a system of this size? Here we break down the key components that factor into 50 kW solar plant costs.

What Does a 50 kW Solar System Entail?

A 50 kW solar system has an electricity generation capacity of 50,000 watts. This is enough to offset a substantial portion of the energy usage for many residential and commercial properties.

Some key technical specifications of a 50 kW solar PV system include:

  • Number of solar panels: 150–200 solar panels rated around 300 watts each
  • Inverters: 2-3 string inverters rated 15–25 kW each
  • Area covered: Approximately 400–600 square meters of roof or ground space

To generate 50 kW, the solar panels need to absorb a lot of sunlight. Therefore, a large surface area is required to host all the panels. The system also includes racking, wiring, disconnects, and monitoring hardware to enable seamless solar energy production.

Average Cost for a 50 kW Solar Installation

The average total cost for a 50 kW solar system ranges from $45,000 to $58,000 after accounting for equipment, labor, permits, and any additional costs associated with installation.

The cost per watt typically falls between $0.90/W and $1.90/W. So for a 50 kW system, the gross system cost works out to $45,000–$95,000, depending on the brands used and the complexity of the installation.

Here is a percentage breakdown of the typical costs:

  • Solar modules: 60%
  • Inverters: 10%
  • Balance of system components: 15%
  • Installation labor: 10%
  • Permits, inspection, and interconnection: 5%

Now let’s look at each of these cost components in more detail.

Detailed 50 kW Solar System Costs

Solar Panels

As the largest equipment expense, solar panels represent around 55–65% of total installed costs.

For a 50 kW solar array, typical configurations use 150–200 solar panels rated at 300+ watts each. Assuming a cost of $0.55/W to $0.65/W, the solar module cost works out to $27,500 to $39,000.

High-efficiency mono PERC solar panels from Solar Exporters can help reduce the total number of modules required thanks to output wattages exceeding 300W+. We offer exceptional 280W solar panel prices for homes and businesses.


Inverters represent around 8–15% of the cost of a 50 kW solar system. This equipment is required to convert the DC electricity from the solar array into usable AC power.

For a system this size, 2-3 string inverters rated 15–25 kW each are ideal. At a cost of $0.15 – $0.30/watt, two 25 kW inverters would cost $7,500 to $15,000. High-quality inverters ensure smooth and efficient solar energy production for decades.

Balance of System

The balance of system (BOS) components required for solar array installations represent 10–25% of total costs. This includes:

  • Racking: aluminum or galvanized steel solar panel racking
  • Wiring: copper wiring for DC circuits and AC transmission
  • Disconnects and combiners: safety switches and equipment
  • Monitoring: energy meters, sensors, data logging hardware

For a 50 kW ground or rooftop solar PV system, the balance of system costs typically work out to $5,000 – $15,000. The wide range depends on roof complexity, site layout, and type of monitoring hardware selected.

Installation Labor

The costs associated with physical installation, including labor and construction equipment, makes up around 5-15% of the total 50 kW solar PV system price.

With extensive wiring, racking assembly, and equipment positioning required, most solar contractors charge $2000 – $5000 for the installation labor on a system of this size. The range varies based on roof or ground complexity, accessibility, and local labor costs.

Permits, Inspections & Interconnection

There are costs associated with obtaining permits, passing inspections from the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), and getting approval from the utility company to connect the solar array to the grid.

For a 50 kW solar installation, these soft costs represent 3-8% of the total project budget. The fees vary significantly between regions, but often amount to $2000 – $5000.

Ongoing Costs

Once the solar PV system is installed and operational, there are minimal ongoing expenses. Annual maintenance costs typically work out to around $10-45 per kW.

For a 50 kW array, schedled system inspections, cleaning, and component replacements over time cost $500 – $2250 per year. By investing in high-quality solar equipment, O&M costs can be kept to a minimum.

Financial Return on 50 kW Solar

While the upfront cost for a 50 kW solar system installation runs between $45,000 – $58,000, this investment pays off over time.

You can expect annual electricity bill savings of $10,000 – $53,000 depending on your utility rates and how much of your property’s energy usage the solar array offsets.

For most homes and businesses, the investment in a 50 kW solar PV system is paid back within 3-5 years through utility bill savings. And the system will continue producing clean, renewable energy for a total lifespan of 25-30 years.

Over 90% of the solar equipment carries 10-12 year manufacturer warranties as well. High return on investment makes solar energy a financially savvy green energy solution.

For questions about solar panels or PV system costs, contact the solar experts at Solar Exporters at [email protected] or +86 15678870014.

Why Choose Solar Exporters?

Solar Exporters offers exceptional quality and pricing on solar panels and balance of system components required for PV system installations.

As a leading solar module manufacturer in China with over 12 years of experience, we provide high-efficiency mono PERC solar panels at very affordable rates. We also offer complete component packages including racking, inverters, wiring, and monitoring hardware.

Some key reasons to choose Solar Exporters include:

  • Premier solar products made with strict quality control procedures
  • High-efficiency 300W+ solar panels at competitive prices
  • Complete balance of system packages for DIY installs
  • Knowledgeable support throughout your solar PV project
  • 12-year product workmanship warranties

Investing in solar makes sense both environmentally and financially. Contact Solar Exporters today to discuss your solar project or get a quote for solar panels and equipment!

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