Revolutionize Your Energy Independence with a 4800 Watt Solar Panel System

Check 4800 Watt Solar Panel System' range of prices, dimensions, sizes, voltage output, specifications data-sheets. 4800 Watt Solar Panel System are designed to be portable and they are usually paired with a battery.

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Going solar can provide many benefits, from saving money on electricity bills to reducing your environmental impact. But making the switch requires proper planning and system sizing to meet your energy needs. A 4800 watt solar panel system is an ideal solution for homes and buildings with higher electrical loads that want to maximize solar production.

Overview of 4800 Watt Solar Systems

A 4800 watt (4.8kW) solar system is considered a large residential or commercial solar array. These high-capacity systems are designed to serve as a primary power source, providing the majority of a home, office, or remote off-grid structure’s electricity demand through renewable solar energy.

Some key things to know about 4800W solar panel systems:

  • Typical Uses: Primary power source for larger homes, remote cabins, RVs, boats, tiny homes, off-grid installations, grid backup, etc.
  • System Voltage: 48V DC (direct current) – higher than typical 12V or 24V systems.
  • Solar Array Size: 20-24 x 195W panels or 15 x 320W panels (4,800 watts total).
  • Components: Solar panels, MPPT charge controller, batteries, inverter, mounts.
  • Suitable Sites: Residential or commercial buildings with high energy loads. Not limited by roof space.

Compared to smaller systems, 4800W solar panel systems generate abundant renewable energy to sustain most household appliances, well pumps, EV chargers and more. Their high capacity positions them as an affordable path to energy independence.

How 4800 Watt Solar Panel Systems Work

4800 watt solar systems operate similarly to smaller photovoltaic (PV) solar installations. But their increased capacity and 48V architecture provide advantages for larger operations. Here is a simplified overview of how a 4800W solar system works:

1. Solar Panels

Groups of 195W or 320W solar panels are wired together in series strings to produce 48V DC power output. Total solar array wattage adds up to 4800W.

2. MPPT Charge Controller

A 48V maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controller regulates power from the solar array to charge batteries and prevent overcharging. MPPT technology maximizes solar energy harvest.

3. Batteries

48V lithium iron phosphate batteries store energy for use when solar production is low. 4-8 batteries provide ample capacity for nighttime/overcast power needs.

4. Inverter

A 48V inverter transforms the battery bank’s 48V DC power into standard 120/240V AC electricity used to run household circuits and devices.

5. Electrical Panel

The inverter ties into a building’s main electrical panel to power dedicated solar circuits.


Benefits of Using 4800 Watt Solar Systems

Stepping up to a more powerful 4800W solar system provides advantages over smaller solar installations:

Dramatically Lower Electric Bills

With solar providing up to 90% of a building’s total energy demand, reliance on the grid plummets alongside utility bills.

Power Energy-Hungry Appliances

A 4.8kW system produces enough solar electricity to run high-load appliances, heat pumps, well pumps and small motors that would overtax smaller systems.

Emergency Backup Power

Critical loads stay powered during grid outages. Solar energy is stored in batteries for uninterrupted emergency backup.

Grid Independence

A 4800W solar system with battery storage provides complete independence from the utility grid. Generate your own power.

Environmental Benefits

Solar systems produce clean, renewable energy while avoiding 4-6 tons of annual CO2 emissions from fossil fuel electricity generation.

Improved Economics

Although upfront costs are higher, eliminating monthly electricity bills quicker pays off a 4800W solar investment.

For homes and buildings with substantial energy loads, 4800 watt solar panel systems present the most direct path to slashing energy costs through renewable power self-sufficiency.

What’s Included in a 4800 Watt DIY Solar Panel System?

Solar Exporters offers complete 4800 watt DIY solar panel system kits containing all components needed for a successful install.

Our experts pre-size all equipment specifically for your site parameters. We configure solar equipment to work seamlessly together for optimal performance.

4800W DIY solar systems include:

Solar Panels

  • Twenty-four 195 watt panels or fifteen 320W solar panels
  • 6-8 solar panel support racks
  • Wiring/cables to connect panels in series
  • Roof mounts, lag bolts, flashing



  • 48V MPPT charge controller
  • 48V Inverter
  • Lithium iron phosphate batteries
  • Battery enclosure
  • DC & AC disconnects
  • Conduit, wiring, overcurrent devices
  • Monitoring software


  • System design layout
  • Electrical schematics
  • Installation manuals
  • Local permit paperwork

We provide all necessary solar equipment in one package along with step-by-step DIY installation instructions customized to your system design.

4800W Solar System Equipment Selection

Designing a properly-sized 4800 watt solar system requires choosing the right components:

Solar Panels

Select premium efficiency solar panels rated up to 320 watts with high cell efficiency and performance warranties against defects. Temperature ratings of -40° to 85°C ensure good output in all environments. We recommend Astronergy CHSM6610P-320 Solar Panels (320W) or comparable.

Mounting System

Use galvanized steel solar panel support racks secured to roof rafters with lag screws and flashing. Tilt racks 15-45° facing south for ideal exposure.

Charge Controller

A 60+ amp 48V MPPT charge controller like the Tracer AN 604815BN regulates power from solar panels to batteries without overcharging. Advanced MPPT technology maximizes energy harvest.


Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries provide the best balance of performance, safety and lifespan. Batteries should offer 10+ year warranties. Popular models include Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries.


Choose a 48V 5,000+ watt inverter like the Must Energy MI-5000-48V for ample capacity to run household loads. Pure sine wave output prevents damage to sensitive electronics.

Breakers & Wiring

Copper solar wiring, disconnects, conduit and overcurrent devices carry power safely throughout the system per electrical code.

Properly pairing all equipment is critical to solar system health and function. Solar Exporters designs optimized systems unique to your site requirements.

Installing a 4800 Watt DIY Solar Panel System

Installing a 4800 watt DIY solar panel system takes 2-3 days with proper planning and preparation:

1. Mount Racks & Solar Panels

Secure panel support racks to roof rafters and mount panels using manufacturer instructions. Waterproof all attachments.

2. Run Conduit & Wiring

Route wiring from solar arrays via conduit to ground mount equipment. Use only copper wiring for superior conductivity.

3. Connect Components

Connect all equipment – solar panels, batteries, charge controllers, inverters per supplied diagrams. Engage disconnects.

4. Commission & Test

With all gear connected, power up the system to commission equipment. Confirm proper activation and voltage/current output.

5. Permit & Inspection

File permit paperwork with local building department. Make any corrections noted during inspection to receive sign off.

Solar Exporters provides comprehensive support throughout the installation process including design diagrams, equipment manuals, technical assistance and more.

Why Choose Solar Exporters for Your 4800W Solar Panel System?

For over 12 years, Solar Exporters has provided high-quality solar panels and complete DIY solar panel system kits to residential and commercial clients. We specialize in tailored solutions to maximize renewable energy production through solar power.

Here’s why customers consistently choose us for their solar panel projects:

Turnkey System Kits – We offer fully inclusive DIY kits with solar panels, racks, charge controllers, inverters, batteries, and electrical components pre-selected for your build.

Custom System Design – Our solar experts model your unique power requirements to specify a solar system optimized for your location and application.

Premium Equipment – We only source professional grade solar products certified to the highest reliability and efficiency standards.

Technical Support – Our advisors provide unlimited design assistance, component selection advice, installation guidance, and troubleshooting.

Warranties – We stand behind our solar equipment with manufacturer warranties up to 25 years and best-in-class customer service.

Affordable Pricing – By manufacturing our own line of high efficiency solar panels and components, we can offer very economical system pricing without sacrificing quality.

Investing in renewable energy independence requires a solar partner you can trust. Contact the pros at Solar Exporters today to discuss your complete 4800 watt DIY solar panel system!

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