High Efficiency 435W Solar Panels For Your Renewable Energy Needs

Check 435 Watt Solar Panel For Sale' range of prices, dimensions, sizes, voltage output, specifications data-sheets. 435 Watt Solar Panel For Sale are designed to be portable and they are usually paired with a battery.

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As a leading manufacturer of solar panels since 2010, Solar Exporters provides high quality 435 watt solar panels for both residential and commercial renewable energy projects. With over 12 years of experience in solar panel production and quality control, we offer durable, efficient panels to meet your energy goals.

Overview of 435W Solar Panels

435 watt solar panels offer higher wattage than standard panels, resulting in more power output from fewer panels. Our monocrystalline 435W panels have dimensions of approximately 77 x 39 inches and contain 72 or 144 solar cells with efficiency up to 21.9%.

With power output of 435 watts, these panels are well-suited for small to mid-size commercial installations, allowing you to meet your energy needs efficiently. Our 435W panels can withstand high wind and snow loads up to 6000 Pa on the front and 4000-5400 Pa on the backside.

Key Specifications and Performance Data

Our 435 watt solar panels have the following specifications:

  • Dimensions: 77 x 39 inches
  • Number of cells: 72 or 144 monocrystalline silicon cells
  • Power output: 435 Watts
  • Solar cell efficiency: Up to 21.9%
  • Durability: High wind/snow load resistance

In terms of performance, you can expect:

  • Daily energy production: Around 2.5 kWh per day in Los Angeles
  • Ideal applications: Small to mid-size commercial installations to maximize energy production with fewer panels

These specs make our 435W panels a great solution for commercial settings like warehouses, retail stores, schools and office buildings that have limited roof space.

Affordable Pricing from a Leading Manufacturer

As a factory-direct wholesaler operating since 2010, Solar Exporters provides very competitively priced 435 watt solar panels without sacrificing quality or performance.

Though our prices are typically lower than average residential panels, our rigorous quality control and testing ensures excellent efficiency and longevity from your panels. We maintain strong relationships with leading component suppliers to source high grade materials for our solar modules.

High Quality Design and Construction

Our 435 watt solar panels are designed and constructed to withstand decades of outdoor exposure across a wide range of climates and conditions. Key features include:

Durable Encapsulation and Sealing

The solar cells are laminated between sheets of tempered glass and EVA encapsulant for weather resistance. Industrial strength sealants protect internal components from moisture and particulates.

Robust Aluminum Frame

The anodized aluminum frame provides exceptional strength and corrosion resistance while minimizing weight. Pre-drilled mounting holes enable secure installation.

Superior Junction Box Protection

An IP67 rated junction box houses the terminations connections and protects them from UV rays, moisture ingress and other damage. Dual ports allow flexible wiring configurations.

Quality Backsheet Layer

A specialized backsheet film provides electrical insulation and enhanced protection against abrasions, punctures, high temperatures and other stresses.

Bypass Diodes Included

Three bypass diodes limit power drop from shade or debris on panel front. This helps maintain high system efficiency.

Extended Warranties Available

We provide a 10 year product warranty covering defects and 25 year linear power output warranty. Contact us for details on warranty upgrades up to 15 years.

Major Solar Panel Manufacturers

While Solar Exporters offers its own competitively priced 435 watt solar panels, some major third party manufacturers to consider include:

  • LG: Known for high efficiency, aesthetics and reliability. LG NeON R 435W QAC is a smart module option.
  • Trina: Major global PV manufacturer with Vertex S+ 435W panel for commercial use.
  • SunPower: Premium efficiency panels like the SunPower E-Series 435W SPR-E20-435-COM.
  • REC: European brand offering quality solutions like the REC 435 AA Pure and REC 435 AA Alpha panels.

Review each company’s product specs and warranty terms as you assess options. Keep cost, efficiency, durability and manufacturer reputation in mind.

435W Solar Panel Options at Solar Exporters

As an established solar panel manufacturer and wholesaler since 2010, Solar Exporters provides high quality mono and polycrystalline 435 watt solar panels for customers worldwide.

Contact us today to learn more about our 435 watt solar panel options and receive a custom quote tailored to your project requirements! Call +86 15678870014 or email [email protected].

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