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As a business owner looking to reduce energy costs and environmental impact, installing a 33 kilowatt (kW) solar system is an excellent option to consider. With the ability to generate a significant amount of clean, renewable power, 33kW systems offer commercial and industrial facilities major savings and sustainability benefits. This article provides a comprehensive overview of 33kW solar systems – from how they work to costs, incentives, and ideal applications.

An Introduction to 33kW Solar Energy Systems

A 33kW solar system refers to an array of photovoltaic solar panels and complementary equipment sized to produce 33,000 watts of electricity under peak sun conditions. To put this capacity into perspective, 33kW is enough to fully power multiple average-sized homes simultaneously.

For commercial sites like warehouses, small factories, office buildings and retail stores, a solar system of this size can cover a decent portion of the facility’s electricity usage. Based on the building’s actual demand and available installation space, a 33kW system may realistically supply 20% to 40% of total energy needs.

How 33kW Solar Energy Systems Work

Solar panels contain photovoltaic cells made from silicon that directly convert sunlight into DC (direct current) electricity. The DC power flows into inverters that convert it into usable AC (alternating current) electricity to meet a building’s needs.

Any excess solar energy not immediately used gets fed back into the local utility grid. This enables the facility to garner energy bill credits under net metering policies. When grid power is needed at night or during very cloudy weather, the building simply draws electricity from the grid as usual.

What Makes Up a 33kW Solar Energy System

While solar panel arrays are the most visible components of these systems, they require other equipment to properly operate, monitor performance, and integrate with the utility grid. Key elements of 33kW solar energy setups include:

Solar Modules

  • 115 x 285W panels or similar alternative configurations
  • Total 33,000W DC power generation capacity
  • Converts sunlight into usable electricity


  • Sturdy aluminum and steel structures
  • Securely anchor panels at proper tilt angle


  • Usually central or string inverters for medium systems
  • Converts DC solar power into AC grid electricity

Monitoring Hardware

  • Tracks real-time solar production data
  • Identifies any system issues needing attention

Disconnects and Overcurrent Devices

  • Safely shut down flow of electricity when needed
  • Prevent risk of fires from electric faults

Weather Station

  • Monitors on-site weather to correlate with energy production

Energy Meter

  • Measures flow of solar electricity for net metering credits

Mounting Hardware, Wiring and Conduit

  • Creates solid connections between all equipment

Proper design, permitting, installation, and activation of all these components is critical to realizing the potential of a 33kW solar system.

What Does a 33kW Solar Energy System Cost?

The costs of solar systems are measured in dollars per watt, which encompasses all hardware, labor, permitting and additional expenses. Nationwide, average solar panel system pricing is $2.77 per watt for systems under 10 kilowatts and around $2.20 per watt for larger commercial projects like this according to EnergySage.

Based on these benchmarks, a 33kW solar system generally ranges from $38,000 to $57,800 after claiming the current federal solar tax credit. State and local incentives can also offset roughly $5,000 to $10,000 in additional costs.

With incentives factored in, payback periods for commercial solar investments of this size average 4 to 7 years. The system then continues producing free electricity for another 20+ years.

Solar Leases and PPAs Offer Low Upfront Costs

For companies wanting to go solar with little to no money down, solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPAs) are excellent options. Under a solar PPA, you pay a locked-in rate for the system’s electrical output across 20 years or longer. This rate is lower than what you currently pay your utility – yielding immediate savings.

Solar leases are similar except you pay a fixed monthly fee to essentially “rent” the system rather than buying electricity from it. In both cases, a solar developer owns and operates the equipment so your business can utilize clean energy with no installation costs.

Key Benefits and Applications of 33kW Solar Systems

Installing a 33kW solar energy system offers the following advantages:

Lower and More Predictable Energy Bills

  • Save 20% to 40% on electricity costs
  • Fixed pricing through PPAs hedge against utility rate hikes

Improved Sustainability and Public Image

  • Shrink carbon footprint by up to 88,000 lbs CO2 annually
  • Achieve environmental and social responsibility goals

Increased Property Value

  • Higher building resale value compared to non-solar facilities

Enhanced Grid Resilience

  • Reduces strain on local utilities during periods of peak demand

Federal and State Incentives

  • Tax credits and additional savings opportunities

For commercial facilities like warehouses, small factories, office buildings and retail stores with available rooftop or ground space, 33kW solar systems are ideal. Applications include:

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Schools and Universities
  • Shopping Centers
  • Hotels and Hospitality Businesses
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Places of Worship
  • Municipal Buildings

With smart solar incentives and financing plans, transitioning these properties to solar energy is now very feasible.

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