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Solar energy is gaining popularity in Pakistan as a sustainable and cost-effective source of electricity. With abundant sunlight available for most of the year, solar panels present an ideal solution for remote, off-grid areas as well as grid-connected homes and businesses looking to reduce electricity costs.

One commonly used solar module for residential and commercial needs is the 250 watt solar panel. As one of the most versatile mid-range capacity panels available, 250W solar panels are powerful enough to run appliances and lighting loads while still being compact and affordable.

This article provides a detailed overview of 250 watt solar panels available in the Pakistani solar market. We cover prices, popular brands, technical specifications, applications, and benefits of 250W panels to help consumers make informed purchase decisions.

250 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

The price range for 250 watt solar panels in Pakistan typically varies from PKR 11,000 to PKR 18,000 depending on the brand, quality, and vendor. High-end imported panels tend to sit at the higher end while locally assembled panels are cheaper.

Some key factors impacting 250W solar panel price in Pakistan:

  • Brand: International brands like Canadian Solar, Jinko and Trina are priced higher than lesser known local brands.
  • Certifications: Panels certified to international quality standards like IEC and TUV command higher prices.
  • Efficiency: More efficient 250W panels with 16%+ efficiency are costlier than regular 15% efficient panels.
  • Warranty: Panels with 25+ years performance warranties cost more than panels with shorter 5-10 years warranties.
  • Vendor: Prices vary hugely between online stores, local retailers, and direct wholesale suppliers.

Always compare solar panel prices across multiple vendors to get the best rates. Reputable retailers like Solar Exporters offer some of the most competitive pricing in Pakistan.

Top 250 Watt Solar Panel Brands in Pakistan

International brands of solar panels available in the 250W capacity in Pakistan include:

  • Canadian Solar
  • Jinko
  • ReneSola
  • Trina
  • JA Solar
  • LONGi

Some popular 250 watt solar panel models sold in Pakistan are:

  • Canadian Solar CS6K-250P
  • Jinko JKM250PP-60
  • ReneSola Virtus II 250 Watt
  • Trina Solar TSM-250PE05A
  • JA Solar JAM 72S10/MR

When comparing 250W solar panels, look for tier 1 brands with a long-standing reputation. Lower quality or unknown brands often have questionable durability and may fail prematurely.

Technical Specifications of 250W Solar Panels

All solar panels are rated by their power capacity in Watts. 250W solar panels have a typical efficiency rating of 15% to 16%, meaning they can convert 15-16% of the sunlight that hits them into usable electricity.

At this efficiency level, a 250 watt solar panel can deliver 1.5 to 2.5 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per day depending on the number of peak sunlight hours available. This assumes ideal orientation at the optimum tilt angle.

Other key specifications of 250W solar panels include:

  • Dimensions: 1675 x 1000 x 35 mm (typical 250W panel size)
  • Cell type: Monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon cells
  • Open circuit voltage (Voc): 30 to 31 Volts
  • Short circuit current (Isc): 8.5 to 9 Amps
  • Power tolerance: +3% to -0% of rated output
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C

Higher wattage panels produce more daily energy output but require more space and have higher prices. 250W capacity offers a good balance for most homeowners and small businesses.

Applications of 250 Watt Solar Panels

With power output of 250 watts, these solar panels work well for a wide variety of applications:

Residential solar systems

  • Running home appliances like lights, fans, TVs, laptops, routers etc.
  • 250W is well-suited for a small household’s electricity needs.
  • Can support essential backup loads during grid power outages.

Commercial solar systems

  • Powering telecom towers, cellular base stations.
  • Electricity supply for shops, schools, hospitals.
  • Running solar pumps, agricultural equipment.

Off-grid solar power systems

  • Remote homes and vacation cottages.
  • Back-up power source for critical loads.
  • Mobile solar generators for outdoor recreation.

Specialty applications

  • Solar street lighting systems.
  • Electric vehicles charging stations.
  • Traffic control signals, sign boards.
  • Cathodic protection, solar fences.

With a power rating of 250 watts, these versatile solar panels can meet electricity demands across residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Benefits of 250W Solar Panels

250 watt solar panels offer the following advantages to consumers:

Suitable power output

  • 250W strikes optimal balance between electricity production vs system size and cost.

High efficiency conversion

  • Advanced solar cell technology enables 15-16% efficiency.

Compact size

  • Easy to handle and install compared to larger capacity panels.

Affordable pricing

  • Lower investment cost than higher wattage panels.

Durable 25+ years life

  • Continue generating free electricity for decades.

Reduced electricity bills

  • Lower grid power consumption saves money monthly.

Clean energy

  • Zero emissions or pollution when operating.

With excellent value for performance, 250 watt solar panels present a smart choice for residential, commercial and industrial solar panel buyers in Pakistan.

Where to Buy 250W Solar Panels in Pakistan

Reputable solar panel manufacturers and suppliers like Solar Exporters offer high quality 250 watt solar panels in Pakistan at affordable rates.

They stock leading international brands of 250W solar panels that are IEC and TUV certified. All panels come with standard 25 years performance warranty and 10 years manufacturing defects warranty.

Solar Exporters also provides complete solar system design, equipment supply, installation, and after-sales support across Pakistan.


With the typical price of 250 watt solar panels in Pakistan ranging from PKR 11,000 to PKR 18,000, these mid-range capacity panels offer an economical way to harness solar energy.

As one of the most popular solar panel sizes for residential and commercial installations, 250W panels balance affordable investment costs with suitable electricity generation capability.

When shopping for the best 250 watt solar panels in Pakistan, buy only from established retailers like Solar Exporters to ensure genuine high quality products with durable 25+ years performance and certified safety standards.

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