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Nigeria has abundant solar resources with average sun hours ranging from 4 to 7 hours daily. This makes solar PV systems a viable renewable energy solution for homes and businesses looking to reduce electricity costs or access power in rural areas. Solar Panels are at the heart of any solar system, converting sunlight into usable electricity. For an entry-level solar setup, 200W solar panels offer a practical and affordable option.

As a leading solar module manufacturer with over 12 years of experience, Solar Exporters provides high-quality 200W solar panels specially designed for the Nigerian climate. Our panels utilize advanced solar cell technology for greater efficiency and performance.

Overview of 200W Solar Panels

A 200W solar panel has a power output rating of 200 watts. This indicates the panel’s capacity to generate 200 watts of electricity when operating at peak performance under standard test conditions.

200W solar panels typically have dimensions of 156 x 156 cm and weight around 20 kg. They’re built with durable aluminum frames for structural stability, making them suitable for different mounting installations. Most models also have IP65 junction boxes to protect against environmental factors like dust and moisture.

Our 200W solar panels operate at 13-15% efficiency on average. This efficiency rating determines how much of the sun’s energy striking the panel gets converted into electrical energy. Under peak sun hours, a 200W solar panel in Nigeria can produce 30 kWh per month on average. This is enough to power basic loads like lighting, fans, TVs and phone charging.

Benefits of 200W Solar Panels

Investing in 200W solar panels offers Nigerian households and businesses multiple advantages:

  • Affordable Investment: 200W solar panels provide a cost-effective entry point into solar power with prices ranging from ₦30,000 to ₦50,000. This allows you to start small and add more panels over time.
  • Offset Electricity Costs: Once installed, energy generation from the panels is free. This provides long-term savings by offsetting monthly electricity bills.
  • Reliable Power: Solar panels have 25+ year lifespans and require minimal maintenance. This gives households and businesses access to steady green power.
  • Scalable Systems: With a modular design, 200W solar panels can easily be added onto to increase energy production as needs grow.
  • Wide Compatibility: 200W panels are compatible with various balance-of-system components like batteries, inverters, charge controllers etc.

Solar Exporters offers full solar kits containing all balance-of-system components needed for a complete installation. We also provide custom panel layouts, step-by-step installation guides and technical support from solar experts.

Factors to Consider When Buying 200W Solar Panels

While purchasing 200W solar panels in Nigeria, keep the following aspects in mind:

Panel Efficiency Rating

Higher efficiency translates to more power output. Opt for 200W panels with at least 13% efficiency. Our models range from 13-15% efficiency to maximize energy yield.

Quality Manufacturing

Purchase panels made by established brands that adhere to international quality standards. Our IEC and ISO certified solar modules undergo rigorous testing to ensure optimal durability and performance.

After-Sales Services

Reputable solar companies like Solar Exporters provide warranties plus technical support for system issues. We offer 12 year product warranties and lifetime customer service.

Professional Installation

Proper installation is vital for safety and functioning. Our qualified technicians handle all aspects from custom layouts to securing electrical connections.

How Many 200W Solar Panels Are Needed?

The number of 200W solar panels needed depends on your energy requirements. For basic electricity access, one 200W panel paired with a battery bank suffices. This standalone system powers lighting, charging and appliances for off-grid rural homes.

In grid-connected urban settings, solar panels offset electricity drawn from the grid. 2-4 panels meet the demands of most households running lights, fans, TVs, laptops and phones. For larger homes with air conditioners and electric cookers, around 6-8 panels are recommended.

Larger solar panel systems with capacities above 1kW require specialized approvals. Our solar experts can provide free assessments and ideal system sizing based on your consumption. We also handle all permitting paperwork for commercial installations.

With over 12 years of experience, Solar Exporters is your trusted partner for procuring and installing high-quality 200W solar panels in Nigeria. Get in touch for purchasing assistance or technical consultations regarding grid-tied, off-grid and hybrid solar systems optimized to maximize your energy savings.

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