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The Nigerian solar market is rapidly expanding, driven by favorable government policies, decreasing global solar panel prices, and rising electricity demand across the country. Currently, only about 45% of Nigerians have access to grid electricity. This situation presents major growth opportunities for the solar power industry to help meet the country’s electricity needs.

In this article, we will provide an in-depth look at 150W solar panels available in Nigeria. We’ll cover prices, top brands, market trends, and recommendations for consumers considering purchasing these solar panels.

Overview of 150W Solar Panels in Nigeria

150-watt solar panels are a common capacity for home, business, and street lighting applications in Nigeria. On Nigerian e-commerce sites like Jiji and Jumia, 150W solar panels from brands like AKT, YOBOLIFE, and SunPower are available starting at around 16,000 Naira ($36).

These panels typically have a voltage of around 18-22V and can be used for charging 12V or 24V battery banks, powering direct DC loads, or connecting to grid-tie inverters for selling excess power back to the grid. Key applications in Nigeria include:

  • Home solar electric systems
  • Solar water pumps
  • Solar street lights
  • Rural health clinics
  • Small business power

Larger solar arrays can be created by wiring multiple 150W panels together in series and parallel circuits to generate the required voltage and power capacity.

Major Solar Panel Brands in Nigeria

Some of the major solar panel brands available in the Nigerian market include:

  • AKT: Leading supplier of solar street lights and panels for home systems. Offers complete solar solutions.
  • YOBOLIFE: Provider of solar panels, solar home systems, solar water pumps and solar street lighting.
  • Solynta: Top solar developer building large-scale solar farms across Nigeria.
  • Arnergy: Developer of solar mini-grids providing clean power to unserved communities.
  • Renogen Energy: Specializes in solar water pumping systems. Has installed over 800 solar water pumps in Nigeria.

When purchasing panels, consumers should verify certification credentials and product warranties. Reputable manufacturers like Solar Exporters offer 10- to 25-yyear solar panel warranties guaranteeing at least 80% power output over 25 years.

The Nigerian solar PV market was valued at $78 million in 2021 but is projected to reach $844 million by 2030, expanding at an exceptional compound annual growth rate of 30.8%. Key factors driving rapid growth include:

  • Government policies like import duty waivers to reduce solar product costs
  • Global decreases in solar panel prices making solar power cost-competitive
  • Massive unmet demand for electricity across Nigeria
  • Rising costs of diesel and petrol generating backup power

As the solar industry grows, consumers will benefit from increasing product choice and falling solar power costs over time.

Purchasing Considerations for 150W Solar Panels

When deciding which 150W solar panel to purchase in Nigeria, some key factors to consider include:

  • Certifications: Look for recognized testing certifications like IEC 61215, IEC 61730, UL 1703 from reputable labs. This ensures safety and reliability.
  • Warranties: Opt for panels with at least 10 year workmanship and 25 year performance warranties from established brands. This guarantees longevity.
  • Price vs Quality: While lower cost panels are appealing, make sure critical safety and durability certifications are not compromised. Paying slightly more for quality panels can pay off over decades of operation.
  • After-Sales Service: Choose solar companies with strong local presence and technical support networks. This ensures assistance with any maintenance or repair needs.

Following these guidelines helps ensure consumers get high-quality solar panels in Nigeria tailored to their specific requirements. Reputable manufacturers like Solar Exporters offer exceptional solar panels meeting all key international certification standards.


In summary, 150W solar panels present an affordable and reliable electricity solution for millions of households and businesses across Nigeria. As the nation’s solar market expands rapidly over the coming decade, consumers will benefit from increasing product choice, falling prices, and a clean, sustainable electricity solution through harnessing Nigeria’s abundant solar resource.

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