150 Kw Solar System Cost Breakdown in India

Check 150 Kw Solar System Cost In India' range of prices, dimensions, sizes, voltage output, specifications data-sheets. 150 Kw Solar System Cost In India are designed to be portable and they are usually paired with a battery.

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Installing a 150-kW solar system in India can significantly reduce electricity costs over time. But what exactly does a system this size entail, and how much does it cost? This article provides a detailed breakdown of the expenses involved with a 150-kW solar system installation in India.

What is a 150-kW solar system?

In simple terms, a 150-kW solar system has the capacity to generate 150 kilowatts of electricity. This is enough to power around 300 Indian homes, assuming 500 units of electricity consumption per household per month.

  • To generate 150 kW, the solar panels have a total surface area spanning 1000–1500 square meters. This requires anywhere from 500 to 750 panels, assuming standard 250-300W panel output.
  • The system is made up of solar panels, inverters to convert the DC output to AC, and batteries for storage. Additional electrical components like transformers, wiring, and mounts are also part of the setup.
  • A system this size would typically be ground-mounted but can be installed on rooftops given enough structural support.

Breakdown of 150 kW Solar System Cost in India

The total cost of a 150 kW solar system in India is estimated to be Rs. 90–120 lakhs, with the following broad expenditure split:

Solar Panels: 50%

  • 500-750 x 250-300W solar panels
  • Rs. 45–60 lakhs

Inverters: 15%

  • 3 x 50 kW inverters
  • Rs. 13–18 lakhs

Batteries: 10%

  • 150 kWh battery backup
  • Rs. 9–12 lakhs

Additional Electrical: 15%

  • Mounting structures, wiring, transformers, etc.
  • Rs. 13–18 lakhs

Installation & Miscellaneous: 10%

  • Labor, site preparation, etc.
  • Rs. 9–12 lakhs

The exact solar system cost varies based on the panel wattage, battery backup hours, type of inverter systems, and structural readiness of the installation site. Economies of scale also apply for larger capacity systems.

Returns from 150 kW Solar System

While the initial investment is substantial, a 150 kW solar system can deliver excellent returns in the long run.

  • Assuming a capacity utilization of 20%, the system can generate 2.6 lakh kWh annually.
  • At a conservative rate of Rs. 7 per kWh, this translates to over Rs. 18 lakhs in revenue per year.
  • Factoring in annual O&M costs of Rs. 3–4 lakhs, the payback period is 5–6 years.
  • With a 25-year equipment lifespan, the system offers at least 15-20 years of free solar power post-payback.

For commercial establishments with high annual energy usage, the payback period and ROI are even more appealing.

Solar Exporters offers customized solar power solutions for clients across India. Their extensive expertise in manufacturing, quality control, and after-sales support ensures maximum value from your solar investment.


Installing a 150 kW solar system requires a significant initial expenditure of approximately Rs. 90–120 lakhs. However, the system can deliver 2.6 lakh kWh of solar energy annually, with payback within 5–6 years. With high annual savings thereafter, solar power provides an environmentally and economically sustainable solution for large energy consumers over the long term.

Get in touch with the Solar Exporters team for assistance in designing an optimized solar system for your energy needs and budget. Their end-to-end services cover equipment supply, installation, maintenance, and performance monitoring, ensuring you maximize returns on your investment.

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