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Solar energy is transforming Bangladesh. Once prohibitively expensive, solar panels have become a viable and cost-effective technology, providing clean power even to remote rural villages. This article takes a closer look at the 100-watt solar panel, examining pricing, key players, market trends, and the future outlook for Bangladesh.

Overview of 100-Watt Solar Panels

A standard 100-watt solar panel in Bangladesh typically measures about 1 meter by 1.6 meters in size. Weighing in at around 10kg, these crystalline silicon panels can readily be installed on rooftops, ground mounts, or solar irrigation pumps.

100W is a common capacity for home solar systems, able to power basic loads like lights, fans, phone chargers, and TVs. For larger energy needs, multiple panels can be combined into an array and connected to batteries for storage.

Key specifications:

  • Power output: 100 Watts (W) under Standard Test Conditions (STC)
  • Cell efficiency: typically 18–22% for polycrystalline and mono-PERC panels
  • Voltage: Around 18–40 Volts
  • Warranties: 25 years performance, 10 years product

With quality manufacturing and robust warranties shielding against defects, modern solar modules are built to last over two decades.

100-watt Watt Solar price in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh today, a 100-watt solar panel from leading suppliers costs 5,400 to 7,500 BDT, equivalent to roughly $60 to $85 USD.

Exact pricing is influenced by:

  • Brand: International brands like Longi tend to command higher premiums
  • Efficiency: Higher-efficiency mono panels are priced above regular poly panels
  • Quality: Superior quality with TUV certification, etc.
  • Warranties: Better warranties increase cost
  • Scale: Bulk orders enjoy discounted rates

Costs have plunged thanks to economies of scale and technological gains. A decade ago, solar was unaffordable for most Bangladeshis. But with over 5 million systems installed, solar energy is now transforming lives and boosting productivity nationwide.

Key players in the solar industry in Bangladesh

While many players operate in the 100W solar panel market, some major companies include:

Rahimafrooz: One of the early pioneers in Bangladesh solar, Rahimafrooz offers panels under their Sun King brand along with batteries, lights, and larger SHS systems.

BS Solar: Major local solar firm BS Solar supplies 100W panels for home systems and commercial projects. They also manufacture panels and components at their Dhaka factory.

Joules Power is a leading manufacturer of solar panels, batteries, charge controllers, inverters, and solar irrigation pumps. The company is headquartered in Dhaka.

Solar Exporters: As a top solar manufacturer based in China, Solar Exporters ships quality panels worldwide at competitive pricing, directly to home owners or solar installers.

In addition to these major firms, thousands of local dealers and installers sell solar panels from various suppliers across Bangladesh.

Market Outlook: Surging Solar Adoption

Bangladesh has seen tremendous growth in solar adoption, with over 5 million solar home installations as of 2020. The country aims to reach 10 million by 2025.

Several key drivers are propelling rapid growth:

  • Supportive policies: government initiatives like the $1 billion USD Sustainable Renewable Energy Power Generation Program promote solar expansion. Tax and duty exemptions also help accelerate uptake.
  • Expanding access: Bangladesh has brought electricity to 90% of its citizens, enabling more households to adopt solar power to meet their daily energy needs.
  • Declining costs: As solar panel prices fall each year, payback periods become faster, and ROI grows.
  • Productive use: Solar helps drive income-generating activities like solar pumps, electric sewing machines, and small businesses.
  • Environmental benefits: solar power delivers clean energy without air or noise pollution.

With supportive policies, declining costs, and widening electricity access, analysts forecast strong continued growth in Bangladesh solar. One estimate sees 25% annual growth in the coming years, with 2025 capacity potentially hitting 3,000 megawatts.

The Future is Solar

Bangladesh has made impressive strides in solar energy adoption. Just as mobile phones leapfrogged landlines, households are turning to solar as their primary or supplementary power source, bypassing traditional grid expansion.

At just $$60-85 USD per panel, the 100W solar module offers an affordable building block for energy independence. Homeowners can start small, then add more panels over time to meet growing electricity needs.

With solar projected to become the cheapest electricity source in Bangladesh by 2025, the future looks bright for this burgeoning industry. More and more households will be empowered by solar energy, just as mobile networks connected millions to telecommunications.

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