100 Watt Grape Solar Panel

Check 100 Watt Grape Solar Panel' range of prices, dimensions, sizes, voltage output, specifications data-sheets. 100 Watt Grape Solar Panel are designed to be portable and they are usually paired with a battery.

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Grape Solar offers a range of 100W solar panels designed for off-grid and remote power applications. These panels utilize monocrystalline cells to achieve high-efficiency energy conversion from sunlight. Some key features and benefits of Grape Solar’s 100W panels include:

High Energy Yield

With a power output rating of 100 watts, Grape Solar’s panels can theoretically collect up to 400 watt-hours (33.3 amp-hours) of energy over a 4-hour period in optimal sunlight conditions. This makes them well-suited for off-grid battery charging and powering small to medium loads.

Durable Construction

The panels utilize high-transmittance, low-iron tempered glass with enhanced UV resistance for long-term performance. An advanced encapsulation protects the inner solar cells, while the aluminum frame allows the panels to withstand high wind loads (up to 50 lbs per square foot) as well as heavy snow loads.

5 Year Warranty

Grape Solar provides a 5-year product workmanship warranty, giving peace of mind with an industry-standard coverage period.

Made for Off-Grid Use

With robust construction and no grid-tie inverter required, Grape Solar’s 100W panels are purpose-built for off-grid applications like RVs, boats, remote cabins, telecom equipment, and more.

Grape Solar 100W Kit (GS-100-KIT)

For easy off-grid solar setups, Grape Solar offers the GS-100-KIT. This includes:

  • 100W Grape Solar panel
  • 10A PWM charge controller
  • Z-bracket mounting system
  • Cables and connectors

The kit contains everything needed (except batteries) to start generating power from the sun. It’s a popular all-in-one solution for small battery charging projects, prepared with high quality components that work seamlessly together.

With the included 10A charge controller, the kit can safely charge common battery bank configurations up to 400Ah. The adjustable metal Z-brackets allow mounting on angled rooftops or flat surfaces.

Overall an easy solar kit for weekenders and DIYers wanting reliable off-grid power.

Waterproof 100W Solar Charging Kit

For applications requiring weatherproofing, Grape Solar offers 100W panels integrated with waterproof junction boxes. These can withstand wet environments, making them suitable for boats and other marine uses.

The waterproof kits additionally include a 10A waterproof charge controller, allowing direct connection to batteries without risk of shorts. Fully sealed connections prevent corrosion over time.

Applications of 100W Grape Solar Panels

Typical applications of Grape Solar’s 100W solar panels include:

Off-Grid Battery Charging

The most common use is for charging batteries that power off-grid electrical systems. For example in RVs, boats, remote cabins, sheds, etc. A single 100-watt panel can generate useful amounts of energy to keep batteries topped up.

Solar Generators

Pairing a 100-watt solar panel with a power station containing AC inverters creates a portable solar generator. This allows the powering of laptops, phones, small appliances, and more while off the grid.

Water Pumps

Solar panels can reliably drive DC-powered water pumps, making them useful for irrigation, water transfer, pond fountains, and other pumping applications.

Gate Openers

Similarly, 100-watt solar panels provide sufficient power over time to regularly operate remote electric gates or barriers.


Small sheds, gardens, pathways, and signboards can be illuminated around the clock using solar-charged lighting fixtures.

Communication Devices

Portable radios, emergency phones, radio repeaters, and seismic monitoring equipment often rely on solar panels for charging batteries in remote locations. A 100-watt panel provides ample power during daylight hours.

And More…

With a bit of creativity, Grape Solar’s 100W panels can meet many different off-grid, outdoor and backup power needs.

Comparisons Between Panel Technologies

Grape Solar manufactures both monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels. Two key differences between these technologies are power density and pricing:

Power Density

For a given surface area, monocrystalline solar cells (as used on Grape Solar’s 100W panel) typically achieve a higher efficiency in the conversion of sunlight to electrical energy. This allows more power from a smaller overall solar module.


Polycrystalline solar cells are cheaper to produce than monocrystalline ones, resulting in more budget-friendly solar panels. But this comes at the cost of lower energy efficiency.

So in summary, monocrystalline panels like those from Grape Solar provide exceptionally high power density, while polycrystalline versions trade off some efficiency for potentially improved affordability.

Where To Obtain Grape Solar 100W Panels

Grape Solar products are available through major solar equipment retailers in the US and Canada, such as:

Home Depot

As one of the largest home improvement retailers, Home Depot stocks Grape Solar panels both online and in many brick-and-mortar stores.


Serving professional trades and contractors, Grainger also stocks a wide range of Grape Solar products suitable for commercial installations.


For added buyer protection and customer reviews, Grape Solar 100W solar panels are also available from third party seller listings on Amazon.


Grape Solar’s 100W solar panels deliver reliable off-grid power thanks to their rugged design and high efficiency monocrystalline cells. With all necessary parts for a complete charging system available in Grape Solar’s kits, setup is straightforward for DIYers and installers alike. Typical applications range from RVs to remote water pumps and gate openers.

When comparing Grape Solar’s products to alternatives, key factors are the technology (monocrystalline vs polycrystalline), power density and overall value for money.

To purchase Grape Solar’s 100W solar panels and accessories, major retailers like Home Depot, Grainger and Amazon supply both in-store and online purchasing options.

So for those seeking an easy yet robust solar solution for their off-grid power needs, Grape Solar’s 100W kits tick all the boxes.

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