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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: OEM
Model Number: 150W
Panel Dimensions: 1330*670*35MM
Panel Efficiency: 150W
Certificate: CE
Warranty: 1 YEAR
Application: Solar System Solar Street Light
OEM Order: Acceptable Customized Solar Panel
Output cable: 2.5mm2 Length 90mm
Weight: 11 KG
Junction Box: IP67 Rated Waterproof
Backsheet: TPT Backsheet
Front Glass: 3.2mm Low Iron Tempered Glass
Feature: High Efficiency Mono Solar Panel


China manufacturer poly solar cell panels for solar power plant

Solar panel is made of light energy into electricity for charge battery ,solar panel working procesing :

Solar Panel—Solar Controller—Battery—Inverter—AC Appliance .

Solar panel constituent part :

1. Stalinite (Protect generate conductor from damage ,such as solar cell )

2. EVA (Fix aluminium alloy and generate conductor )

3. Solar cell (Generation function )

4. Backboard(PET) ,Sealing ,insulation and waterproof )

5. Aluminium alloy (Seal and support function)

6. Juntion box ( Protect generation system and transfer current function )

7. Silica gel ( Sealing function )



Module Type OLPV130W OLPV140W OLPV150W OLPV160W OLPV165W
Maximum power 130 W 140 W 150 W 160 W 165 W
Max power voltage 17.50 V 17.70 V 17.90 V 18.10 V 18.20 V
Max power current 7.43 A 7.92 A 8.38 A 8.84 A 9.06 A
Open circuit voltage 21.50 V 21.70 V 21.90 V 22.10 V 22.30 V
Short circuit current 7.96 A 8.49 A 9.01 A 9.53 A 9.74 A
Module Efficiency 13.13% 14.14% 15.15% 16.16% 16.67%
Power Tolerance -0~+5W -0~+5W -0~+5W -0~+5W -0~+5W
Standard Test Conditions (STC): Irradiance 1000W/m2, Module temperature 25℃? Air Mass (AM)=1.5
Nominal Operating Cell Temperatur 45 ± 2℃
Temperature coefficients of Isc +0.049% /℃
Temperature coefficients of Voc -0.340% /℃
Temperature coefficients of Pmax -0.430% /℃
Solar Cell Poly solar cells 156×156 mm
Front Cover 3.2 mm thick, tempered glass
Back Cover TPT (Tedlar-PET-Tedlar)
Encapsulant EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)
Frame Double-layer anodized aluminium alloy
Junction Box IP65 rated
Maximum System Voltage DC1000V (IEC)
Maximum Series Fuse 15 A
Operating Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Max. Wind Load / Max. Snow Load 2400Pa / 5400Pa
Application Class Class A
Packing configuration Carton.Customers packing requirement is acceptable.

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