From China Industrial polycrystalline silicon solar panel system 300W 330W

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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: OLLIN, Ollin Photovotaic
Model Number: OL-330-72P
Cell size: 156.75mmx156.75mm
Type: PERC
Panel Dimensions: 1956*992*40MM
Panel Efficiency: 21.75%
Certificate: CE
Warranty: 3years
certification: CE ROHS ISO
Product name: Sola Panel
poly or mono: poly
Frame: Anodized Aluminium Alloy
main market: Asia EU Africa
Back sheet: White
OEM order: acceptable

Electrical Parameter

STC (Irradiance 1,000W/m2, module temperature 25, AM=1.5) OL300M-10 OL320M-10 OL330M-10 OL360M-10
Rated Power (Pmax) 300W 320W 330W 360W
Voltage at Pmax (Vmp) 35.1V 35.6V 36.1V 37.4V
Current at Pmax (Imp) 8.32A 8.89A 9.16A 9.62A
Warranted Minimum Pmax 300W 320W 330W 360W
Short-Circuit Current (Isc) 8.6A 9.50A 9.89A 10.27A
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc) 43.5V 43.7V 44.9V 44.6V
Module Efficiency 17.45% 21.75% 23.06% 24.37%
Operating Module Temperature -40℃ to + 85℃
Maximum System Voltage 1,000V(IEC) / 1,000V(UL)
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 15A
Maximum Reverse Current 20.25A
Power Tolerance 0 ~ +5 W

1.Aesthetic appearance and rugged design to withstand high wind pressure, hail and snow load

2.Rigorous quality control to meeting the highest international standard

3.Solar panel encapsulated with high transmission low-iron, tempered glass

4. Cells are laminated with TPT and EVA ensuring longer life and maximum performance

5. TPT imported from Krempel, Germany, ensure 25 years output power more than 80%

Product field:

1. Gird-connected power generation system

2. Off-grid power generation system

3. Building-integrated power generation facilities

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