380w 48v mono pv solar panels used for solar roof system

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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: OLLIN
Model Number: OL-320- 72M
Cell size: 156.75mmx156.75mm
Type: N-TYPE
Panel Dimensions: 1956*992*40mm
Panel Efficiency: 380W
Certificate: CE, ISO9001/14001
Warranty: 1 YEAR
Certification: CE TUV
Junction Box: IP65 Waterproof
Application: Roofing System
Solar cell: Mono 156*156 Cell
Frame: Anodized Aluminium Alloy
OEM Order: Acceptble
Cable: 4.0mm2 1200 Mm (39.4 Inches)
Voltage: 48V

380W Monocrystalline Solar Panel with white or black color frame for Hotel Roof system

Product Description

– High efficiency crystalline solar cell; Long lifetime span: 25 years;

– Less power decrease: Decrease in peak power of the solar modules shall be below 8% within the first 10

years and within the first 20 years shall be below 10%;

– Advanced surface texturing process increases light absorption and efficiency;

– Sealed modules with tempered glass, high transmit rate and strong mechanical resistance; EVA resin, and

a waterproof film, plus aluminum frame for extended outdoor use.

Detailed Product Description

Main Parameters:

Module number 380W-M
Peak power / Pm(W) 380±3%
Open circuit voltage / Voc(V) 48.6
Max. power voltage / Vmp(V) 39.8
Max. power current / Imp(A) 9.55
Short circuit current / Isc(A) 9.95
Solar cells origin Taiwan
Solar cells efficiency  around 19.5%
Grade of solar cells  A grade
Dimensions(L*W*T) / Weight(kgs) 1956*990*45mm/21kgs
Solar cell / No. of cells and connections monocrystalline silicon /
72-cell in series
Front cover(material/thickness) Low-iron tempered glass / 3.2mm
Encapsulation(material) Ethylene Vinyl Acetate(EVA)
Frame(material/color) Anodized aluminium alloy / Silver
Junction box protection degree IP65
Cable /Cable connector Model 900mm solar cable with MC4 connectors
Standard Testing Conditions Irradiance:1000W/m2,
Cell temperature:25ºC, AM:1.5(air mass).
Max. static load, front(e. g.: snow/wind) 5400Pa
Max. static load, back(e. g.: wind) 2400Pa
Max. hailstone impact (diameter/velocity) 25mm; 23m/s
Max. series fuse rating (A) 15A
Max. system voltage (V) 1000V DC
Application Class Class A
NOCT 45±2ºC
Operating temperature range -40ºC- +85ºC
Power temperature coefficient -0.45%/ºC
Current temperature coefficient 0.08%/ºC
Voltage temperature coefficient -0.37%/ºC
Lifespan 25 years
Warranty Power output warranty: 10 years over 90%, 
25 years over 80%;
Product Certifications / Standards CE, IEC61215
Other Certifications ISO9001:2008, RoHS

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Product advantage:

1. high conversion rate and high efficiency output.

2. excellent light performance effect

3. use high transmittance high quality tempered glass.

4. unique process makes the components beautiful, rugged, snow resistant and easy to install.

5. special techniques to avoid freezing, freezing and deformation in the frame.

6.25 year output power guarantee.

STC: radiation 1000W/ square meters, component temperature 25 C, AM=1.5


Durable PV modules, independently tested for harsh environmental conditions such as exposure to salt

mist, ammonia and known PID risk factors.

Advanced Glass

Our high-transmission glass features a unique anti-reflective coating that directs more light on the solar

cells, resulting in a higher energy yield.

Extended Size

Our large-format module facilitates system-level cost savings through reduced handling and installation


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